I wish you a warm personal welcome and sincerely hope that you find my website a source, not only of essential knowledge, but also of inspiration. Psychological assessments are extraordinarily valuable in many different ways. I believe their core purpose and value lies in their ability to empower people to live happier, more rewarding lives by helping them overcome their weaknesses and maximise their potential. I have gained a significant body of experience working across a wide spectrum of patients and subjects made up of children, adults and older persons. My practice is what I call “across the lifespan”.

I believe that psychological assessments are under-utilised in mental health care, in the management of psychological health, and in the realisation of one’s full personal potential. Assessments empower individuals, patients, clinicians, employers and employees. The benefits are many and often self-evident. Results provide the key to formulating complex diagnoses and help to identify symptoms and coping capabilities while simultaneously revealing specific aptitudes and personality traits. Psychological assessments act as both lens and lever. They provide a clear perspective and bring required actions and appropriate responses sharply into focus.

I undertake psycho-legal assessments that bring gold-standard scientific practice to the real of legal decision-making capacity. The title of my Phd thesis was A PSYCHO-LEGAL PROTOCOL FOR ASSESSING TESTAMENTARY CAPACITY AND CAPACITY TO APPOINT AN ENDURING ATTORNEY.

Insight from clinical assessments helps the therapist draw their patient into collaborating on the formulation of a treatment plan thus improving treatment compliance and the potential for positive outcomes.

From a patient’s point of view; your involvement as an integral part of the process gives you a positive sense of value while eliminating any feeling of being an isolated impersonal test subject or proverbial “guinea pig”. The assessment process builds relationships and rapport by engaging and empowering everyone dedicated to the process.