I undertake pre-employment assessments which can be of great benefit to both employers and employees. These assessments help employers maximise returns on recruitment. Recruiters receive skilfully gathered, objectively interpreted data about their candidates, linked precisely to role requirements. Candidate employees gain confidence thanks to valuable insights into how well-suited they are to a particular position or role. Prospective employees also gain the advantage knowing exactly what their new job requires from them.

Who should use this service?

Business managers recruiting for senior and business-critical roles who wish make excellent thoroughly evaluated long-term hiring decisions.

What I offer you?

  • Full hands-on service management of the assessment process by a fully qualified, highly trained clinician.
  • World’s best practice in terms of top-quality tests, questionnaires and exercises, which are carefully selected for accuracy and job-relevance.
  • A balanced and precise report about your candidates’ role suitability.
  • Practical guidance for managing, developing, motivating and retaining each unique individual.