These assessments are recommended when there is a concern that a child is struggling to perform everyday tasks or is late in reaching important developmental milestones. We use these results to identify strengths and challenges faced by a child across a spectrum of developmental domains including language, physical development, cognitive, social and emotional development in addition to adaptive behaviours like self-care and self-direction. The results can also assist parents and teachers to design tailored management plans and life-skill programs to realise a child’s full developmental potential.

Purpose of Developmental Assessments.

  • Identifying global intellectual delay: Evaluation of the impact intellectual delay has had upon a child failing to meet developmental milestones. This includes determination of the severity of intellectual impairment. Assessment can be re-administered to provide a standardised measure against which to measure an individual’s progress.
  • Development of tailored management programs: I work with parents and teachers to develop individualised interventions designed to best accommodate each particular child’s learning and developmental needs.
  • Help with accessing to funding:Professional diagnosis of a developmental disability may assist you in regard to accessing government funding or school-based funding designed to provide essential support according to a child’s special needs both at school and at home
  • Developmental assessments used in combination with cognitive assessments: When administered in conjunction with cognitive assessments developmental assessments can determine whether a child’s difficulties in particular areas are a result of either an intellectual disability or of a learning disorder.

Assessment Process

I routinely utlilise a battery of standardised psychometric assessment tools to accurately identify and diagnose a developmental delay or disorder.

  • Communication:Speaking and listening skills.
  • Self-care:Basic skills needed for eating, dressing and bathing.
  • Self-direction: Appraisal of levels of independence and self-control.

In combination with these psychometric tools, a consultation covering developmental history in interviews with parents and teachers is required. Results of assessments are delivered in a detailed written report. I am also happy to discuss any identified needs and recommended interventions.