Dr Simon ZuscakI have a Bachelor degree in Applied Psychology with 1st Class Honours, a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, and I hold a PhD. I have also undertaken the further requirements to use the title Clinical Psychologist and I am also an approved psychological supervisor.

I am an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland, an Honorary Associate at La Trobe University, and I have been granted Clinical Privileges at Griffith University where I work as an independent Psychometric Rater of participants in dementia research.

I have gained considerable experience working with community mental health, job network members, and the Australian Army (at the rank of Captain).

I have been working in the private sector since 2007.

I enjoy working with patients across the lifespan. Travel off-site as the need arises is not a problem including to schools, aged care facilities, and work/residential settings, and I work flexible hours to ensure assessments capture your best functioning.

I continue to provide essential professional services to the legal community which include: Assessments of legal decision-making capacity for contemporaneous or retrospective capacity, capacity to appoint Enduring Powers of Attorney, Testamentary Capacity (the capacity to write a Will), capacity to instruct counsel, and many other areas.

I also conduct psychometric testing like IQ tests and other tests that identify and help to address specific learning difficulties.

I am a Government Contracted Doctor in the capacity of Disability Medical Assessor, and continue to work across of a range of regional offices spanning the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba in Queensland and from Lismore in New South Wales. I am a current a current Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society (FAPS), the Clinical College of Psychologists (MCCLP), the International Psychogeriatric Association (IPA), and the IPA Testamentary Capacity Interest group.